Late last year there was a story of a Bengal tiger called Cara who was given a gold tooth. Of course, it looks amazing. Cara, who lives in a German zoo, can now gnaw bones to her hearts content while looking badass.

I did a sketch of her in my sketch diary and gilded her tooth, so I hope you like it! 

Cara the Tiger gold tooth art laura loveday
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10 year redraw fox supermarket trolley

Way back (I posted it on behance in 2012 but I think I drew it long before then), I did a sketch of a fox at the supermarket. You can tell it’s long ago because the fox has those free plastic carrier bags which were thrown around everywhere without a care. I thought I’d redraw it because I haven’t redrawn old things of mine before, and I’m still rather fond of the idea of a fox pushing a trolley. 😀 It’s strange, because I’d totally forgotten about it, that this is probably one of the seeds of what I do now. For that reason alone I wanted to redraw it.

Sadly, my fox has hit the bottle in a big way since I last saw him. I hope you like him and maybe find some encouragement from seeing this example of how time and practice improves your skills.

I might colour him at some point if I get some time to. That’d be interesting!

Peace, love and light,


fox at the supermarket version 1 laura loveday
fox at the supermarket version 2 laura loveday redraw
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bunnies rabbits sketches laura loveday

This page cracks me up. I really love giving the animals I draw names and personalities, and some of these are favourites of mine. 

bunnies rabbits sketches laura loveday

These will be available as a print on my Etsy shop soon, both this sketch version and a coloured version.

They’d look gorgeous in a nursery. I think that’s what I was thinking of when I started drawing this series because they’re just so cute!

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cow with a pearl earring jersey cow art laura loveday

A Cow with a Pearl Earring

by Laura
cow with a pearl earring jersey cow art laura loveday

Some days, I draw something fairly sensible.  This is not one of those days. 

Vermeer would be spinning in his grave if he knew that one of his masterpieces was, along with a bottle of Jersey milk, the inspiration for this picture. Sorry, Vermeer. Jersey cows are just so pretty and would look lovely with some accessories for a night on the town.

This will be available as a print on my Etsy shop soon, both a black and white version and a colour version which I’m working on at the moment. I’ll post the colour version as soon as it’s done!

Peace, love and light,

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Hello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are.

This is an exciting blogging day for me because it’s the start of an ongoing series of blogposts centring around my diary. But don’t get worried! My daily diary isn’t a normal diary. I have one of those for appointments, but it’s fairly boring even to me, so I’m not going to throw that at you. 

When I was at college, I had an amazing tutor who told us all to aim to sketch a random something, unrelated to any projects, for at least 30 minutes each day.  Now that I’m a full-time artist and draw pretty much all the time, the habit of just sketching for no particular reason became a sketch diary. It’s normally quick sketches either about how I’m feeling, what I’ve learned or seen that day, or just some silly ideas. It’s just fun.

Some people would call this sort of thing a ‘warm up’ or a ‘cool down’ sketch for some reason I’m not trendy enough to understand. To me it’s just a sketch diary and I hope you like this series!

My first diary page features some seasonal robins! ‘Tis the season and all. There are so many different types of robin, and really I think the classic Robin Redbreast would hate being upstaged by some of his even more colourful cousins from elsewhere.

Pink and Red Robin Trivia

Here are some fun facts about Pink Robins!

  1.  They’re from Southeast Australia and Tasmania, mostly found in rainforests.
  2. They’re very quiet and shy.
  3. They’re listed as a threatened species due to deforestation.
  4. They nest quite low to the ground rather than in tree tops. Their nests are so beautiful and neat, like little teacups, decorated with lichen and moss.
  5. They don’t share many characteristics with the European Robin, although they are of the same family.

Fun Facts about the European Robin:

  1. Very inquisitive and social. They love fresh turned soil so they can look for earthworms, and in Britain are known as the gardener’s friend.
  2. Both parents take responsibility when feeding and looking after their chicks until they are two weeks old when they can fly and become fully independent. They pair up for the breeding season (April to June) only.
  3. Postmen used to be called robins because of their red tunics, and the reason the robin is associated with Christmas cards is because these were delivered by the red-coated postmen ‘robins’?
  4. Fiercely territorial, often taking on much larger birds to protect their nests and feeding ground.

Peace, love & light xxx

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