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Ulyana Sergeenko Fall Couture 2016

Wow, January was a terrible month for me. I caught a virus which just didn’t seem to want to leave and ramped up the stakes into becoming a chest infection, and then I fell over and sprained my ankle! What a joy. After some antibiotics and ankle braces, though, I did a LOT of work because I couldn’t do much else, and am finally in the process of updating the site! Sneak peaks are on my instagram, as usual. Stay well, everyone. Eat your greens and stay warm and cosy!

This is my latest ilustration: the mod-inspired look from Ulyana Sergeenko’s fall collection from 2016. It has a lovely ‘Russia in the 60s’ X Bob Fosse’s Cabaret feel to it, so I had a lot of fun trying to capture the textures in this illustration using watercolours. Shiny helmets, satin trench coats, lurex, stockings and patent shoes are like catnip to me when illustrating, because there’s always a moment when I think: ‘How do I do this?!’ and have mild panic attacks over a pencil sketch. I always relish the opportunity to spatter masking fluid over a sketch in a very hedonistic, flamboyant way, however, and on this occasion it helped convey the metallic effect of the lurex body.


ulyana sergeenko fall couture 2016 fashion illustration by laura loveday

Ulyana Sergeenko Fall Couture 2016 look 7 fashion illustration by Laura Loveday


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Fashionating Friday: Dolce & Gabbana – Alta Mode, 2014

I particularly loved this piece since I first saw it.The bright yellow and coral touches as well as the little flowers on the bodice which tie everything together make a stunning impression.


D&G’s Alta Moda (lit: ‘high fashion’) collections are one-off pieces sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the designs are always incredibly beautiful and unique. They’re so exclusive that they’re primarily bought by true haute couture devotees after the show, and it’s unlikely that the public will ever see them again unless the owners decides to bequeath or sell to a museum. Highfashionw wrote a great post about the meaning of Alta Moda collections and its meaning and importance in defining haute couture houses.

Since I’m going through a phase of using Gansai Tambi watercolours on Strathmore grey-toned paper, the yellow stripes on the skirt took several layers of paint; so many that I lost count! The further down the stripes were, I applied fewer layers of paint to grade it out a little bit, otherwise I felt that it would draw too much attention away from the bodice.

The roses in the background are David Austen roses which I just tinted slightly, trying to get something between realistic and the roses & castles gypsy caravan/Victorian barge decoration style. This is one of my favourite illustrations that I’ve done recently, so it’s now on my wall when it’s very rare that I keep any of my paintings. I hope that you like it, too. If so, please follow me on instagram where I post WIP photos and more. More importantly, have a lovely day. xx

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Fashionating Friday: YSL F/W 2016

I loved this collection and I’m sure that this won’t be the last YSL F/W 2016 look that I’ll draw. It’s such an elegant time warp back to the 80s, and the make-up is fantastic with the cut creases and bright lips. There just aren’t enough ruffs in fashion these days, in my opinion.


This illustration was done using Gansai Tambi watercolour paint by Kuretake, which can be used so they act more like acrylics. They’re so highly pigmented that they’re a great choice when you need a really matte finish with a lot of depth, but they can also produce very subtle, traditional watercolour washes, as you can see in the background wild roses.

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