Artistic Motivation and Ethics

by Laura

Hello there! My name is Laura Loveday and I’m an artist and illustrator. I live in Cornwall, Great Britain, which is a beautiful part of the world. You’re never more than 15 miles (around 24 km) from the sea. You’re actually in a living, breathing, unspoilt area of natural beauty full of wildlife and beauty. I moved here to study art at the world renowned College of Art in Falmouth, and stayed to make it my home.

Inspirations and Influences

I previously worked primarily as a fashion and lifestyle illustrator and you can see that work here. In addition, I’ve now fallen in love with multimedia painting. I’m inspired by Rinpa School of Japanese painting and the artist Sakai Hōitsu in particular. Medieval paintings using gold leaf, Tudor miniatures, and the philosophy and art of the Arts and Crafts movement are additional influences upon my work.


My greatest inspiration is the natural world. My drive is to do justice to that beauty of the wildlife and flora that I sketch and paint, and to make the modern iconography of them that they deserve. I feel that, in this modern age, there has been so much destruction of the natural world and that there is a movement in reaction to it. My wish is to make a feature of the wonder which society has been systematically sacrificing for too long in favour of greed and the ease of minimalism and technological advances. In my small way, I hope to make traditional, handmade art which people can appreciate as a decorative piece which will bring them joy, but also for what it symbolises and depicts.

…wage Holy warfare against the age.

– Edward Burne-Jones

Ethical Art

In line with my philosophy, my paintings are 100% cruelty free and reclaimed wood is used as the board for my paintings.

All of my supplies are responsibly sourced in-fitting with my vision statement. Much consideration and trial and error have been undertaken before creating art which I am happy to sell.

  • Only synthetic paintbrushes are rather than those which use animal hair.
  • Vegan size is used as an alternative to rabbit skin glue in my gilding work. I make a base which replicates the appearance and surface of the traditional bole used in water gilding.
  • I try to use reclaimed wood which I sand and restore before it’s prepared as a board for my paintings. The wood I source mostly comes from salvage yards. If possible, I include a brief history of the type of wood of the board and its prior use.
  • All paints used are vegan-friendly, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.
  • A vegan-friendly non-toxic epoxy resin is applied in place of glass to preserve and protect the finished painting from UV and prevent tarnishing and yellowing. This resin contains no VOCs, no BPA and is non-flammable.

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