Redraw: Fox at the Supermarket

by Laura
10 year redraw fox supermarket trolley

Way back (I posted it on behance in 2012 but I think I drew it long before then), I did a sketch of a fox at the supermarket. You can tell it’s long ago because the fox has those free plastic carrier bags which were thrown around everywhere without a care. I thought I’d redraw it because I haven’t redrawn old things of mine before, and I’m still rather fond of the idea of a fox pushing a trolley. 😀 It’s strange, because I’d totally forgotten about it, that this is probably one of the seeds of what I do now. For that reason alone I wanted to redraw it.

Sadly, my fox has hit the bottle in a big way since I last saw him. I hope you like him and maybe find some encouragement from seeing this example of how time and practice improves your skills.

I might colour him at some point if I get some time to. That’d be interesting!

Peace, love and light,


fox at the supermarket version 1 laura loveday
fox at the supermarket version 2 laura loveday redraw

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